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How much does adderall cost on the street? ChaCha Answer: The street price for Adderall is $4-10 for 20 mg. If it is not prescribed, .

Here's the latest celebrity gossip and news about actors on drugs, pop stars having babies, Hollywood stars getting married and celebrity deaths. Compiled by jack-of .

Is Ali Lohan On The Adderall Diet, Too? She Sure Isn't In School

Adderall, or amphetamine-dextroamphetamine, was first marketed in the 1960s as a diet pill. It is celebs on adderall currently classified as a stimulant medication and appetite .

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EXCLUSIVE: Baseball's Adderall Scandal - Jason Kendall

Skinnyvscurvy is the site that features a wide range of body shapes and sizes, the site that shows that celebrities and celebs on adderall women in general come in various forms, shapes .

What is Britney Spears doing with her life? Where is she going? Is there an aim for her to fulfill in this life? The latest news about Brit is that she's going to a .

Would a large # of those on this site benefit by taking Ritalin/Adderall before reading political posts?

From crash diets to killer workouts, it's little secret that the weight loss regimens of the stars celebs on adderall are not always healthy ones. But a relative newcomer to the .

Lindsay Lohan has become way too skinny recently, and raises questions on her health. A new report alleges Lohan is abusing Adderall. Read more on this

Can you eat on Adderall? ChaCha Answer: You may eat and are encouraged to eat when you take Adderall. However, there's some juices & .

Adderall & ADD/ADHD Meds Crystal Meth Celebrity Rehab Sober House

This is an instructional video about Adderall and ADHD medications.

According to In Touch Weekly, Nicole Richie is using Adderall for weight loss. Adderall, a prescription drug in the same family as crystal meth or

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